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K9 Dog Park’s snake avoidance training is positive reinforcement without the use of shock collars.  It is our belief that “learning should not be painful” and we have incorporated that belief into all of our training programs. Our snake avoidance training teaches dogs to avoid “all snakes” including rattlesnakes.  Our program is positive but we do teach the dog to fear snakes through the uses of Sight, Sound, Scent, and Handler Correction using the “Leave-It” command.

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Empirical data from our clients after taking K9 Dog Park’s snake avoidance class suggests that it is highly effective.  We have never had a client contact us stating that their dog, after having taken our snake avoidance class, approached a rattlesnake.  Instead, every client that has reported back to us that upon encountering a rattlesnake stated that the dog avoided the snake in every case. Although this data is extremely positive, K9 Dog Park makes no guarantees that the rattlesnake avoidance training is 100% effective; this is simply the data we have received from our clients.  Like all training, snake avoidance training should have ongoing reinforcement by the dog owner.  We recommend that snake avoidance training be retaken on an annual basis if not reinforced regularly at home.


Class Summary:

For those considering taking snake avoidance training from K9 Dog Park, here is what you should expect.

  • The class generally lasts 1 ½ - 2 hours
  • Each dog attending must have a handler
  • Must have leash and collar or halter: No Pinch or Choke Collars allowed
  • The class begins indoor with a short video presentation to educate clients in general about:
    • Recognizing poisonous snakes indigenous to our area
    • Facts about snake bites
    • Education on venom effect on dogs
    • Education on anti-venom and what to do in the case of a bite
    • Information on snake-bite vaccinations
    • Dog habits around snakes
    • Train the client on the proper use of the “leave-it” command
    • Incorporate use of dead rattle and other snakes into the leave-it command
    • Move outdoors to locate dead & decoy snakes in the surroundings and teach avoidance
    • Incorporation of rattlesnake sounds, pneumatic snakes, dead snakes (for sight and scent), manikin snakes and electronic sound-makers in a created snake-like environment
    • Test the dog to verify that s/he has been trained and avoids snakes


This class is for dogs 1-Year and older
The Group Class Cost is $125.00 per dog

The Private Class Cost: $350.00 for one or two dogs and handler(s)

Rattlesnakes are present in Southern California year-round. However, we only offer our Snake Avoidance "Group" class when it is in high demand. Therefore, we have made this class available for individuals who want the training outside of our high-demand season. 


Private Classes MUST be scheduled by phone or personal visit.  To schedule by phone call: (760) 745-3647

Enroll in Snake Avoidance click HERE


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