The Holiday Photo Contest is completed and you can now purchase  a Calendar that has all of the entries included.  The calendar starts in February and runs through January so you will not miss a month even though the year has already started.  Click on this link to see calendar


Not familiary with the contest?  Please read below...

Enter K9 Dog Park's Photo Contest: Share your Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other Holiday Photos To Win Prices and A Chance To Have Your Dog In Our 2014 Calendar




K9 Dog Park is having a Facebook photo contest where you can share your Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holiday photos (any holiday) and possibly win prizes and inclusion in 2014 calendar.





Photos must be submitted through K9 Dog Park Facebook Page at:  Link

By submitting a photo you are acknowledging that you own the rights to the photo and are giving Puppies Dot Com, LLC and K9 Dog Park the rights to use the photo for promotions,


Top 12 Photos may be used in the K9 Dog Park 2014 Calendar,


Photo must have a Holiday Theme (any holiday),


Photo must include a dog,


No posting of inappropriate photos,


Enter as many times as you like,


One Vote Per Entry,


Entry not required to vote,


Refer-a-Friend Entrants get 10 extra points/votes for referring friends IF/WHEN someone they refer submits an entry,


Don't get down if you don't win...this is for Fun and to see all of those marvelous holiday pictures.


Voting ends on Christmas Day.



 Enter Photo Contest Here





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Beginning October 16, 2013 - December 4, 2013... 


K9 Dog Park To Launch “Why Does My Dog Act That Way?” Fall Dog Behavior Seminar Series. 


In response to a recent survey sent to over 1,000 of their clients, K9 Dog Park will present a series of dog behavior adjustment seminars.  The seminar series will be titled “Why Does My Dog Act That Way?” and will address the top eight dog behavior concerns communicated in the survey from dog grooming and training clients.


In September, K9 Dog Park received survey responses from clients stating their dog behavior concerns.  The survey outlined 18 various dog behavior issues and clients were asked to pick three to six that they were most interested in.  Breaking down the results, the top eight items in order of concern are:

#1-Barking; #2-Aggression towards other dogs or people; #3-Jumping Up; #4-Excitability or Unruliness; #5-Inappropriate elimination; #6-Fears and phobias; #7-Separation anxiety; #8-Begging for food

The seminar series “Why Does My Dog Act That Way?” will begin on Wednesday, October 16, 2013 from 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM and continue for a total of six sessions.  K9 Dog Park Owner, Penny DiLoreto-ABCDT, CPDT - KA, CTDI, will present the series and address the behavior issues as follows:

October 16-Barking; October 23-Aggression, Fears and Phobias; November 6-Jumping up; November 13-Excitability & Unruliness; November 20-Inappropriate elimination; December 4-Separation Anxiety & Begging for food.

When asked about the seminar series, DiLoreto commented, “I am so excited to present this seminar series because it is evident from our survey responses that these are the issues our clients are having and I want to give them tools to correct unwanted behavior.”  When asked “Who should attend this seminar?” DiLoreto responded, “dog Owners, handlers, volunteers at humane society centers, groomers, trainers, children and adults or anyone who would like to learn dog behavior adjustment.  Those who attend can expect to leave the seminar with:  1) an understanding of what is happening with a dog to create the unwanted behavior; 2) what the dog owner or handler can personally do to correct the behavior and; 3) to have any questions they have on the topic answered.”  

Anyone planning to attend the seminar should reserve their position in advance.  The cost per session is $30.00 or all six sessions can be purchased for a discounted price of $150.00 per attendee.

Located in Escondido, K9 Dog Park is a leading dog training and grooming center in southern California.  K9 Dog Park is a pioneer in advanced training techniques for dogs and their owners.  The company pioneered snake avoidance training without the use of shock-collars; Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) for reactive dogs; and “La Paws” training to help create a safe environment for infants, toddlers and the family dog. K9 Dog Park offers dog-training classes such as- Therapy Dog, Service Dog, BAT, Problem Solving, Agility, Rally, AKC-STAR Puppy, AKC-Canine Good Citizen, Snake Avoidance, Trick and others in its indoor training facility.  

At K9 Dog Park, dog grooming is a specialty where the staff of Certified Dog Groomers and Vet Assistants who love to please dog owners and their dogs.  K9 Dog Park specializes in all breeds of dogs in its 3,600 square foot facility located just off the CA-78 and Nordahl Road.  Dog grooming is reasonably priced for all dogs and breeds from nail trimming to exotic Lion Cuts.


SCHEDULING "Why Does My Dog Act That Way?" CLASS(ES): Click the Dates Below to schedule the class or classes you would like to attend.  Cost is $30.00 Per Class.  However, if you purchase all 6 classes ($180.00) you will receive a Refund of $30.00 when you come in for your classes.  

October 16-Barking


October 23-Aggression, Fears and Phobias


November 6-Jumping up


November 13-Excitability & Unruliness


November 20-Inappropriate elimination


December 4-Separation Anxiety & Begging for food


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