The Magic Wand


Magic Wand Training System

K9 Dog Park is the Home of The Magic Wand Dog Training System where PRESTO and Fido is Changed! 


The Magic Wand is the creation of Penny DiLoreto, Animal Behaviorist, Professional Dog Trainer, and Author of "Gonna Buy Me A Dog" and "The Potty Training Answer Book".


We often speak with clients who want a simpler solution to their doggy issues.  It's almost like they want "The Magic Wand" to use and order a magical change to create the perfect four-legged citizen.  Well, at K9 Dog Park we have some very exciting news: "We have that Magic Wand!"


Penny DiLoreto actually has the beautiful wand showing in the picture above and she will be happy to show you the magic she can do with your dog.  K9 Dog Park is "The Home Of The Magic Wand Dog Training System Where PRESTO and Fido Is Changed!"  This proprietary training system was created for people who are just too busy to do it themselves.  Busy schedules and hectic lives can put training Fido on the never ending "To-Do List".  K9 Dog Park offers clients a flexible and easy solution to dog training ensuring your four-legged family member doesn't get left behind. 


When you enroll your dog in The Magic Wand rest assured that K9 Dog Park will work one-on-one with your four-legged friend to bring about the magical change you are looking for.  Each evening you will be emailed a progress report regarding the skills your dog worked on during the day and what progress was made.  At the end of the stay your dog will be trained.


For more information on The Magic Wand dog training please call our office (760) 745-3647 and make a consultation / appointment with Penny.

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